Meta-blogging (a blog post about blog posts)

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend a roundtable with Jerry Cuomo during which he talked about his blog and most importantly why he has one.

Now if anyone has ever read my attempts at blogging before you will notice that I’m not very good at it and this is largely because I’ve not really felt a good reason to do it so far. I can see how folks doing an assignment abroad, undertaking an important project or attending a conference (I did once blog at IMPACT 2007 in fact) would benefit from documenting what they are doing and in that sense all the blog is is a convenient tool for the job. My thinking has hitherto been all a bit pragmatic really. Jerry gave a reason for keeping a blog that I’d not thought of before, and that is simply to make your mark — if you vanished off the face of the earth tomorrow, what trace would you leave behind?

I do have opinions on things, and occasionally during my day I reach moments of clarity that often get lost in the everyday noise and I have trouble remembering them. So, for no other reason than having somewhere to keep them, I am just going to try and write what I think on the various things that cross my mind and see where it goes. In a similar vain, I’ll seek to include, where I can, useful snippets and hints that arise in the course of my day.  If anybody reads it then fine, if they don’t that is fine too. One of breakthroughs I found with Twitter was 1) finding an easy tool for the job (Twhirl) and 2) that it made it good way of retracing your steps. So, I’ve installed Live Writer (seems nice and easy so far) and hopefully the retracing bit will follow. I have to say doing this out in the open adds an interesting dynamic compared to keeping an internal blog behind the IBM firewall.

So here goes once again. If nothing else, at least I’ll have made a mark, if only on myself.


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