Adding items to the Expeditor 6.2 Desktop launch menu

A nice way of kicking off either external applications or launching a URL in the browser from an Expeditor application is to add menu items to the launcher (the “Open” button in the standard Expeditor Desktop client). This is particularly useful when building a locked-down desktop in Expeditor (i.e. where we want to restrict what the user can do) or even for a demo rig where we wish to use the Expeditor Client as the focal point for the application.

It’s pretty easy to do with extension points, here’s an example of one I created earlier:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<?eclipse version=”3.2″?>
<extension point=””
label=”ACME Application Demo”>
label=”Desktop Application (XULRunner)”
label=”Portal Simulation”/>

This results in two items being added to the launcher menu on the Expeditor desktop, each with their own icon. One opens a browser window with the given URL, the other launches an application installed on the underlying operating system. Note that you can make native application launches relevant to the OS using the platform attribute — i.e. Windows applications will only be offered when platform is set to win32, for example.

Full details of the extension point can be found in the Info Center.


One response to “Adding items to the Expeditor 6.2 Desktop launch menu

  1. I’m currently working on cross-browser compatibility for an iWidget for IBM connections. IE6/7/8 does not call the onLoad function in the dojo class specified as the iScope for the iwidget when the page is refreshed. It works fine in when the page is loaded as a result of typing the url in the address-bar or clicking on a link, but not when refreshed.
    And like all other IE issues, I should mention that evrything works fine in all other browsers.

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