I was thinking about my blog the other day, and how I’d originally started out using it simply as a place to write down technical things that I’d want to remember, with the benefit that others might find it useful too. That worked for a while, but actually time moves on, things change and I’ve decided to change tack slightly, and start to record other things here that I’d like not to forget (I know that sounds awkward) too.

For example, I started running last summer, and it has been a revelation as something I did because I felt terrible about the shape I had degenerated into and whilst I have a account which allows a few comments on each workout, that is really just to supplement running stats. I’m just at the stage now where I am starting to apply for organised running events and so on, and thought a very good use of this blog would be to record that journey so that one day I can look back and reflect and heaven forbid be having a bad day, manage to re-inspire myself. No doubt there will be other things too, I just like the idea of actually starting to record things I want to remember as life goes by.

Just in case you found the posts about running a bit of a non-sequitur after all that low-level technical stuff anyway.


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