First “proper” race — Romsey 5 miles

I passed an important milestone yesterday, running in my first ever “proper” race, the Romsey 5 miles race which takes place at Broadlands in Romsey, Hampshire. Having entered back in December, I was given number 135 and was joined by Tim and May. It was mine and Tim’s maiden race, with May being the experienced campaigner of the three of us.


The weather was good – not too sunny as befits the time of year but not raining, and the course pretty flat as it is a looped course mainly on pavement within the grounds of Broadlands. The course consists of three laps, the first two being around 2-2.5km with the third lap having an extension to bring the course up to the full 8km distance.

The start was pretty disorganised and we didn’t get to hear a lot of the briefing, however we did manage to hear the whistle to start and we were off. I was quite pleased as I didn’t feel too nervous, and managed to get into my stride. I managed to get into a pace of around 4:45-4:50 mins/km which I tried to keep up all the way around. Terrain was okay, though one stretch of the main loop was on a looser tarmac surface which had quite a few potholes in and seemed to suck more energy out of my legs than the majority of the route.

On the third lap, the extra length of circuit was a straight length that took you out to a turning point and back the way you came which meant that for a stretch there was two-way traffic. I managed to catch a high five with Tim as he went by on the way back, and I liked the way the members of different running clubs all supported each other as they went by.

Into the final leg towards the finish, I could feel myself tiring but dug in and tried to keep the same pace to the end. There was a guy who I think must have been tracking me on the way round who made a break to overtake at the end but I managed to get a kick in to just level it on the line.


The official results show me as the 142nd man over the finish line (out of 274 men in total) with a time of 38 minutes 37 seconds. I’ve uploaded my Garmin stats for completeness too, will add the link later.

Great day out, roll on the Winchester 10km in February.


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