My name as you might have guessed is Martin Gale and live near Southampton in the UK.

I work in the IT industry for Salesforce and so there are a number of technical postings on here, mainly because a blog was a good place to put things where I knew I could share them easily and find them once again. I should add that any thoughts on here are my own personal views and not those of my employer.

Since June 2010 I’ve been getting increasingly into my running, and so I’ve decided it might be interesting to track my progress on here as well as the more statistical sites where I keep my stats like dailymile.com.

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  1. Dear Martin,

    I have been trying to understand how the Lotus Expeditor messaging part works with JMS. I would like to have an application that runs on windows mobile 6.1 and uses JMS messaging capabilities including the fire-and-forget (aka store-and-forward) over GPRS. I considered MqEveryplace(mqe) , but in the comparison of mqe and microbroker, it is stated that the mqe does not have store-and-forward and also does not work with topics so I am more interested in the MicroBroker. As far as, I understand, in the microbroker archtitecture the client does not store the messages. So does it mean that the windows mobile device which is my target device should also run the broker which then via a bridge connects to a websphere message broker or websphere mq? How would the architecture in such a case look like ?

    And the other thing I wonder is about the JVM. So as far I understand all of the microbroker clients are written in Java. Given that there is no JVM installed on the windows mobile devices I am considering by default, do I need to get this “IBM Device Runtime Environment Authorized User License” on top of the “IBM Lotus Expeditor Client Authorized User License” per device?

    Thanks in advance,

    • hi Murat,
      I’m in the same spot myself, “Microbroker on something that’s got no JVM” – how did you get round it? did you go client only or use another transport protocol/broker?

  2. Good work Mister Gale !

    Good to see that you are in the Mashup business as well.
    Give me a ping if you are interested, as I lost you emailadrress..

    Thanks in advance,